“Mommy, I’m in first grade, not Kindergarten.  I’m tryna make friends, not get laughed at.” - Lyla to Jo Wilson
Lyla Karev is the seven-year-old daughter of Jo Wilson and Alex Karev, and the older sister of baby Alex Karev. She is spunky, sassy and bratty but is often shown to have a rather sweet demeanor.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lyla was conceived when Alex and Jo were married for less than two months. She was a surprise, but very welcome. Up until the day of her birth, Lyla’s name was slated to be Lyla Jo Karev, but was changed last minute after one of Alex’s longtime patients, Izabella Bright, passed away on the day she was born.

From the time she was born, Lyla was the center of attention and the apple of Alex’s and Jo’s eye. As a baby, Lyla was content to relax in Alex’s arms and enjoyed listening to Jo sing. She was a blissful newborn that rarely cried and loved to be picked up. She would only cry if Alex or Jo put her down. This caused her to be spoiled and unfamiliar with hearing the word “no”, something that Alex in particular had a hard time saying. Lyla would often act out when she didn’t get her way.

When she turned five, her world was turned upside down when her parents announced that they would be getting a divorce. Following the divorce, Lyla showed signs of regression, resorting to wetting the bed and displaying signs of aggression, which led Alex and Jo to take her to see a psychologist.

At five years old, she was introduced to her baby brother and didn’t take him very well, even going so far as striking him when he cried too much. Following an incident in which her brother almost choked and died, Lyla gradually learned to love him and these days, they get along quite famously.