"I know that I wouldn't mind doing all of these things every day with you for a long, long time. So if all of that is love then... loving you is the easiest thing I've ever done." -Graham Whitaker to Amber Karev

"He cried for a few minutes, then he stopped. That was it. That was all I got. I couldn't ask him how he bumped into the wall, or where it hurt, or if he felt funny anywhere else, or - look, I know I mess around a lot, but not with him. He's all I have and I'm all he has. He's the only thing in this world that I know for sure." -Graham on his autistic son

Biography: Edit

Graham Whitaker is a general surgeon and father to two-year-old Cody Whitaker.

He grew up on the East Coast with wealthy parents and a younger sister, Kylie. He revealed in Down That Road to Amber Karev that he moved to Seattle after paying his ex-girlfriend Hannah Palmer to carry his son to term. After Cody was born, he moved across the country to start over.

At age eighteen, Graham's younger sister committed suicide. After this, Graham lost contact with his parents until his daughter's death.

At eighteen months, Graham took Cody to a psychiatrist in hopes to get him speaking. Dr. Amber Karev diagnosed him on the spectrum after developing a relationship with both Graham and Cody. They are currently engaged.

Trivia: Edit

  • He believes in aliens and life on other planets. He thinks it’s naive to think we’re only the life forms.
  • When he moved to Seattle with his three month old son, he read that airplanes weren’t good for babies that young, so he missed his flight and drove across the country, mostly at night while Cody slept.
  • He plays piano and guitar quite beautifully. His hidden talent is that he can also play the saxophone.
  • He’s lactose intolerant.