"You 'member what you said to me in the beginning? You said none of this was my fault. That I didn't ask for this and that I was brave for living with it. There was nothing I could have done differently not to be sick." - Gracie Shepherd-Hunt to Amber Karev

Biography Edit

Gracie is the eight-year-old daughter of Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt.  She is quiet, loving, sensitive, and very high-achieving.  Born only a year after her maternal uncle’s death, her parents knew each other only briefly and were just beginning a romantic relationship.

When Amelia told Owen about the pregnancy, he reacted positively and they mutually agreed to put their romantic relationship on hold and build a friendship so they could co-parent their child no matter what.  They formed an extremely close bond throughout Amelia’s pregnancy and even called each other their best friend.  Gracie lived with Amelia for the first six months of her life until Amelia and Owen found themselves naturally in a romantic relationship again and decided to move in with each other.

Her parents married when she was three.  Shortly after, she became an older sibling to a sister, then a brother.  Gracie very much takes on the mature, eldest role with her siblings, although she is very shy and soft-spoken.  Though she doesn’t always understand her younger sister, Ava, they have a very close, quiet bond.

Trivia Edit

  • Gracie loves to write stories.  Many of them feature a superhero named “Dr.  Retriever” though she claims it has no correlation with her mother, Dr. Shepherd.
  • Her best friend is her cousin, Ellie.
  • Her name was proposed by Owen on the day she was born.
  • She and her cousin Ellis are said to resemble each other.
  • Following an incident in which a gunman open-fired on their Disney Cruise, Gracie developed a very close relationship with Jo when they were in danger.
  • Her favorite color is purple.