“My dream was SO bad, Daddy, it was so, so scary…the worst dream I ever had in a million years.” -Ava to Owen Hunt

Biography: Edit

Avery is the second child of Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt.  Planned and conceived on her parents’ wedding night, Ava was a very much wanted and anticipated little girl.  Healthy all throughout her pregnancy, Amelia and Owen were both devastated and shocked to find she was born with a fatal heart condition.  She received a transplant at only days old and spent the following years getting numerous operations and check-ups, usually by her favorite doctor, Alex Karev, affectionately called “Dr. Krev” by her.

Ava is sarcastic, smart, sassy and an independent thinker. She is fearless and usually says whatever is on her mind. She has an extremely close bond with Amelia, as they have very similar personalities.  Ava is usually funny in her antics, although her strong personality can cause her to clash with other strong personalities.

Ava is the middle child and her favorite person is her little brother, though she would never openly admit it.  She is fiercely protective of him and gets angry when people upset him.  Her name comes from  Jackson Avery, who paid for the private plane transporting her new heart to get to the hospital in time when she was a newborn.

Trivia: Edit

  • Ava’s favorite movie is The Little Mermaid because of her red hair.
  • Her best friend is Lyla Karev.
  • She does not like and will not eat French Toast.
  • She had a life-saving surgery in Zurich when she was fifteen months old by her father’s ex-wife, Cristina Yang.
  • The day after her birthday, April 1st, Amelia tried to contact family and friends to let them know that Ava was born with a fatal condition, but everyone thought she was joking and refused to believe her.
  • Her favorite color is red, just like her hair.